Pictures show our “Thai” cabin, the gazebo, pets, pools and plants!


and last, but not least a Whirling Dervish! I never thought a man in a skirt, wearing a flowerpot on his head and turning round and round could be so entertaining! I wonder if he can do it clockwise as … Continued

“Our” apartment

A lovely, modern apartment with views along the coast. On some days we could see the Turkish mountains.


My granmother’s house (I think!) 40 years later. Bellapais and the surrounding area have been extensively developed in recent years. Perhaps when I visited last it was closer to Lawrence Durrell’s description in the 50’s. ×Close From “Bitter Lemons of … Continued


A fabulous ancient castle 3,100 feet up in the Kyrenian mountain range.

Going Home

Beautiful early light as we head for Nice airport


Various animals, insects and plants.  We saw chamioux but they were too fleet to photo!

La Grande Cadiere

We could see this magnificent “Dolomitic” feature from our cabin.


How the other half 0.001% live!